How will I receive my competitors list?
  • Our team will send you the list within 24 hours. In most cases, you will receive your list in under two hours.
  • The list will be sent to the email address you used to place the order.
  • The list includes the following columns:
    • The URL of the publisher
    • Contact email address
    • Traffic score
    • Networks these publishers work with
    • Countries they operate in
    • Social media links
    • Keywords
    • Status of current engagement with them (True/False)
  • You can order as many reports as you like. Each request is limited to 4 competitors; however, you can place multiple orders.
  • Our database contains about 86% of all affiliates’ contact information. We will also be launching an enrichment service to populate the requested list with decision-makers’ contact information. Coming soon.
  • This feature is coming soon but is not yet available.
  • This is a new customer offer only.
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How Many Competitors reports?

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